Arquà Petrarca, One of the nicer Small towns in Italia.

Very close to my home, on the slopes of the Colli Euganei regional park, there is a small medieval town that I love. It is part of the exclusive club I Borghi più Belli d’Italia,  it mean, the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Arquà owes its name to the great Italian poet, Francesco Petrarca, who lived in this place the last years of his life in the distant fourteenth century.

The town is small, so you could visit in an hour, however, the views you have of the nearby fields, mostly cultivated with vines and olive groves, the hills covered by ever green forest, makes you to stay in each corner for a while contemplating the beauty ..

View to the Church, from the upper part of the town.
View of the fields and part of the town

The main points of interest are:

1. the church, small and simple, but of great beauty, where it is possible to see some frescoes that were for centuries covered by a thick layer of white stucco.

2. The marble tomb of the poet, just outside the church.

The Tomb of Francesco Petrarch

3. Going up to the upper part of the town, you can visit the house where Petrarca lived and the monument to the soldiers fallen in the world wars.

The monument to the fallen ones

In a few words, a place worth visiting and enjoying slowly.

This is my entry for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge with the topic of Countryside and/or Small Towns.

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  1. Oh, Italy, Italy…how we all love it! The little towns and the countryside, and the vineyards and the poets. I realize I have not visited Petrarca’s town – but that will not be forgotten next time. Thank you for taking us!

    Me gusta

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