The Duomo of Murano: The Basilica of Santa Maria e Donato

Murano is not only jewellery, lamps, or all kinds of articles made of glass. In its streets you can find one of the most beautiful churches of the Venetian lagoon.

The Duomo of Murano from a distance.

The origin of the church is not clear, it is only known that it was restored in the 9th century and that the church we know today was built in the 12th century.

The Duomo’s interior.

At the beginning the church was dedicated only to Santa Maria, but when in the 12th century the remains of San Donato were brought from Greece and deposited inside the church, it began to be known also with this name.

Many interesting treasures are hidden inside the duomo, such as the floor mosaics, made in the 12th century with marble of different colours and with pieces of glass paste.

Floor Mosaics
Floor Mosaics


Another of the wonders of the Murano Duomo is the apse covered with a large mosaic of the Virgin Mary surrounded by a golden background, very similar to those in the Basilica of San Marco in Venice.

Mosaic of the apse with the Virgin Mary, made in the 12th century!

However, personally the part of the church that I like the most is the exterior part of the apse, which overlooks the canal, a beautiful combination of arches, columns and bricks of different colours…

Outside of the Abside
Detail of the exterior of the apse.
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