The estuary of the Adige River. Veneto, Italy.

The Adige is the second longest river in Italy after the Po. It runs for about 410 km from the Venosa Valley in Alto Adige to the Adriatic Sea, joining it at Rosolina Mare (Chioggia) about 50 km south of Venice.

IMG_3120 - Copia.jpg
View from the observation tower.

A couple of times we have visited this place and we like it very much because there is an observation tower that allows you to clearly see the point where the river waters touch the sea. There are also some small public beaches nearby, usually with few people and where it is possible to be in the old way, just lying on the sand without having to rent chairs and sunshades as in most Italian beaches.

The observation tower is the ideal place to admire the Adige river and the Adriatic sea
Fishermen’s boats in the vicinity of the mouth of the river.
A few meters from the mouth, on the left the Adige, on the right the Adriatic sea.
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