Attila’s Throne in Torcello, Venice Lagoon, Italy.

In the main square of the Torcello Island there is an interesting stone throne that is called «Attila’s Throne».

Surely, Attila never sat on it, but his name is related to the history of this place.

Attila is synonymous of terror and destruction. He is undoubtedly the figure that first comes to mind when thinking about barbaric invasions.

And it is as a result of these invasions, not only the one of Attila, that little by little the organizational structure of the Roman cities went into crisis.

The consequence of this crisis was that part of the population was looking for places to take refuge or where they could live more peacefully and in less danger.

The Venetian lagoon islands were an ideal place for this, and so over the years, between the 5th and 7th centuries, they were populated until they became the Republic of Venice, the main economic and military power in Europe for more than a millennium.

The most probale ia that the Torcello’s throne was used by the bishop or some other important persons during meetings with the citizens of the island.

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