l’Arsenale: My favorite place in Venice.

My favorite place in Venice is “Il Arsenale”. Each time I can, I go there. I enjoy walking along the channel that take you there admiring the nice towers at the entrance and the beautiful lions statues you can see in front.


I like Il Arsenale, not only for its beauty, but also, because it is maybe the place with the greatest influence in the Venetian Republic Story-

In The Arsenal were produced the majority of Venice’s maritime trading and war vessels, which generated much of the city’s economic wealth and power.

It’s construction l began around 1104 and it was first and the largest industrial complex in Europe before the industrial revolution.


This is my post for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge «favorite place»

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  1. This takes me back to a trip I took with my partner 3 years ago in Venice. It was so beautiful. The warm colours and crumbling plaster, and window boxes, and shimmering reflections of water under bridges…

    Me gusta

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