The Antuco Volcano and Laja Lagoon. Chile.

Dicember 2010.

That day, with a German colleague, we had visited some beet trials in the Los Angeles area. As we finished early, we decided to take a walk.

We took the road to Antuco that goes through the best agricultural fields in the area, At the height of Canteras, the former farm of Bernardo O’higgins, the fields end and the road continues through pine forests to the small town of Antuco.

Little by little, the road begins to make its way through the mountain range until it starts to climb the slopes of the volcano.
From the top, the view of the Laja River valley is spectacular and a few isolated cipreces on the mountain slopes are the last vestige of veneration.

Laja River
Laja River

Afterwards, everything is black sand from the volcano’s eruptions.

The Antuco volcano

Further up, the landscape opens up and the lagoon with its crystalline blue waters suddenly appears…

The laja Lagoon

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