The Church of St. Mary of Nazareth. Venice. Italy


The first time I visited Venice, it was about 25 years ago. I remember well that it was a Sunday and that is why as soon as I got off the train I looked for a church to attend the mass. Obviously I ended up at the church closest to Santa Lucia station.

As I entered the Church of Santa Maria di Nazareth or «degli scalzi» as it is called in Venice, I was impressed by its internal decorations. I had never seen a church so full of paintings, statues, coloured marbles and all kinds of ornaments covering its walls.

The church was designed by the great architect Baldassarre Longhena, better known for the realization of Santa Maria della Salute and the new procuratias.

The Baroque facade was built by Giuseppe Sardi.

.The church was consecrated in 1705 and was restored between 1853 and 1862 during the Austrian government. Today it is a national monument.

View from the big canal at sunset.

This is certainly a beautiful church, but I must admit that I now prefer churches with a slightly simpler and less elaborated style.

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