The production of glass has always been one of the main sources of wealth in Venece. The manufacture of glass in Murano was favoured by a decree of the Serenissima Republic in 1295, which decided to move the glass furnaces used for its manufacture from Venice to Murano. This had two main objectives:

A practical one, to reduce the risk of fire that this activity would provoke in a city that at that time was mainly built of wood.

The other objective was strategic. If all the glass manufacturing was made in Murano, it was possible to control the access to the island, avoiding that industrial spies from other cities or countries could steal the secrets of its production.

The Murano Lighthouse, Venice

Arriving to Murano with the vaporetto, the first thing you see from a distance is an old lighthouse, a beautiful lighthouse. However, it is not as old as I thought… There has been a lighthouse in Murano since many centuries. For a long time it was a simple wooden tower with a fire on top…

The Duomo of Murano: The Basilica of Santa Maria e Donato

Murano is not only jewellery, lamps, or all kinds of articles made of glass. In its streets you can find one of the most beautiful churches of the Venetian lagoon. The origin of the church is not clear, it is only known that it was restored in the 9th century and that the church we…

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